February 02, 2016

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding If You Should Book a Home or Hotel When Traveling to San Diego

February 02, 2016

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding If You Should Book a Home or Hotel When Traveling to San Diego

You have a lot of options when traveling to San Diego regardless of the time of year.  For starters, will you stay near the beaches or the downtown area? Will you look for an apartment/condo or a single family property?  Will you need parking for 1 car or multiple cars? Do you want to cook meals in the home or go out to eat nearby?  There are literally limitless questions on what the ideal vacation rental home looks like to you.  Let us see if we can help guide you through the maze. 

Start with asking yourselves these questions: 

1. How many people are you traveling with? 

For smaller groups (2-4 people) a large, single family property is unnecessary and can be unduly burdensome. Better to go with a downtown San Diego listing in the heart of East Village like this one.  A property like this not only is anywhere from 10% - 25% cheaper than a hotel, but allows small groups to live like a local with all the amenities of a home. 

2. For larger groups (4 or more) do you prefer everyone in to stay together in the same home or is relatively 'nearby' okay? 

Getting a home where everyone is sleeping under one roof, and able to enjoy the property and each other at the same time makes for a special vacation experience.  In fact its not uncommon to find a 3 bedroom / 3 bath home at the same cost as even a semi swanky hotel that sleeps just 

3. Do you need a private outdoor/backyard space for entertaining / relaxing? 

Renting a home is not only for the benefit of everyone staying together, but especially in places like Southern California where the days and nights are warm nearly 24/7, having a private outdoor space not only allows for additional activities, but also a place to sit by a fireplace, eat outside, let children play freely and safely, and generally provide an element of the travel experience that most hotels cannot offer.

4. Do you want to shop for groceries, cook meals, wash dishes? 

You might be thinking that the last thing you want to do is cook or do dishes on your vacation. And if that's the case, then renting a home is not for you. But even simply storing snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables and cold drinks in a large refrigerator is only possible when there's a dedicated kitchen and appliance available.  Of course eating together at a dedicated dining room table, or even in front of a tv (or outdoors) is another wonderful benefit to choosing a home over a hotel. 

5. Do you have 0 or 1 vehicle or multiple vehicles in your group needing parking arrangements? 

If you plan on vacationing or traveling to an urban area then the first question you should be asking is what the parking arrangements are.  Most hotels have a daily parking fee of $25-$35/dollar. Of course if you are using mass transportation or even public transportation this may not be an issue. Certainly getting around town via Uber is also a popular choice.  But if you're driving in and have your own vehicle, and especially if others in your party are doing the same as well, then the only reasonable expectation you should have for accommodating all vehicles is a private residence with garage or driveway or street parking.  Make sure its on your list of questions to ask when surveying property choices.

Choosing the right type of vacation property for you and your family is an important decision.  Things like price, amenities, location and size are the critical factors to consider.  There are also another 5 or so that we consider worthy of your time and attention and we will explore those in a follow up post. To be continued .....

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