April 14, 2017

Tips for Renting out Your San Diego Luxury Vacation Home

April 14, 2017

Tips for Renting out Your San Diego Luxury Vacation Home

Those who have already invested in a San Diego luxury vacation rental or a La Jolla luxury vacation rental know that having property here is wise. Data shows that San Diego has been breaking records recently in tourist spending and overnight stays, which means that there is enough money in here to go around. The key is to figure out how to attract the right clientèle to your San Diego luxury vacation rental.

Tips to Market and Brand Your Vacation Rental to Luxury Travelers

High-end renters are a picky bunch, trust me, which means you have to know what they are looking for. Targeting high-end renters takes time, and it takes commitment because you have to get to know them. One thing we learned about these types of renters is that they are interested in rental properties that make them feel as if they stepped into the future.

The following tips should help you upgrade your condo or home so that it appeals to luxury travel lovers:

  • Maximize curb appeal by redesigning the exterior grounds.
  • Replace appliances with ultra-modern versions.
  • Upgrade all bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
  • Consider smart technology like a smart thermostat.
  • Add small upgrades like plugs for smart technology.
  • Create a design for your property that feels modern.
  • Think about giving your guests additional perks like free wi-fi or even a car so that they do not have to rent one.

It is essential that you get rid of anything that may look dated or tacky. For example, get rid of fiberboard and laminated cabinetry. In essence, make sure that all materials and surfaces in your property are high quality. Those who cannot invest in many changes can still make small upgrades to transform their vacation rental into a luxury home. For example, perhaps you cannot install an automated 360-degree shower, but you can still install a high-quality LED shower head.

Stamp a Brand On Your Vacation Property

Transforming your home into a property that will attract high class clientèle is just the first step. Now, it is time to brand and properly present your vacation getaway in a way that will attract the residents you are seeking. You can do this in a number of ways. 

The first thing you want to do is name your rental. The key is to come up with a name that is memorable and fits with the spirit of your property. You can use the property's surroundings to come up with the name for the resort. For example, one of the most popular trees in the San Diego and La Jolla area is the Royal Purple Smoke Tree. Now, you should probably drop the "smoke" part of the name, but those who have this tree near their property can name their property the Royal Purple Lodge, just as an example. 

The next thing you want to think about is branding your website and marketing materials. Those who present a more ultra-modern look should make sure that the site looks clean and futuristic. Of course, there are many other looks that you might have chosen like a more Southwestern desert look or a Spanish decor. No matter the look, try to make sure there is cohesiveness between your website, brand, marketing materials, and property. When marketing, try to make sure that your website and marketing material sells an experience rather than just another place to stay during a vacation. 

How to Showcase an Appealing and Luxurious Property

The branding is taken care of for your property, but now you have to create eye-catching elements to get the right people to take notice of your property. The following are a few tips to ensure that you show off your property in an engaging way, beyond the regular photo galleries or quick video tours:

Aerial Drones

Many people know what aerie drones are, and their usefulness is quite impressive, especially for you. Many high-end properties give renters aerial drone videos, which showcase the neighborhood and landscape surrounding the condo or house. Try to capture dusk or sunsets to get the very best possible photograph. 

Staging the Property

Invest in home staging when you photograph the property. These companies can help ensure that the vacation rental looks beautiful and gives off the right sensation. Keep in mind that some cleaning companies might perform staging right after they clean up, but you will have to ask. The right staging and professional photography can make your property look beautiful and stylish.

Virtual Tour

There is one type of tour that most high-end renters are expecting and that is the virtual tour. Capturing virtual tour videos is kind of like recording a tour that can be accessed by visitors and manipulated on their own terms. Think of this type of technology as your own property's Google Earth Street View. You will be giving potential visitors an opportunity to walk the property without having to be there, which tells them that you are not only proud of your home or condo but excited to showcase it.

Try to take some professional photographs of models who will pose as visitors to your property. This makes potential renters feel like they are going to stay in a property whose purpose is to generate an experience rather than just being a place to stay. Think of photographs of a couple by the pool or a family having breakfast on the terrace. These photographs need to feel genuine and show luxury.

Additional Tips to Promote Your Rental Property

It might be a good idea to learn everything there is to know about your property's location. This means learning about local attractions, festivals, tournaments, or any other aspect of the city that might interest a tourist. 

You should also try to talk to local businesses or tourist attractions. What you want to do is build a relationship so that you can offer perks to your guests. The local business and your property might end up winning from such an arrangement. Sure, it might be a little strange to make these types of arrangements, but you have to consider that both you and local businesses benefit from tourism. There is no need to worry because they should be willing to work out a deal.

It should be noted that your guests need to be treated well, even after booking their stay with you. This means providing excellent service during their stay or giving them a nice 'welcome' basket full of goodies. One thing that most business owners know is that repeat customers can really make a difference, so creating a repeat customer is your goal. 

Make sure that you hire the right property manager because you will be depending on him or her to ensure that your clientèle are taken care of as they deserve. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips, a good property manager, and your eagerness to please guests can ensure the success I've had or even better.


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