December 15, 2017

Stocked Vacation Rental Kitchen Means Happy Renters

December 15, 2017

Stocked Vacation Rental Kitchen Means Happy Renters

When the idea of the vacation rental was first born, one of the biggest selling points over a hotel was the availability of a kitchen. Many people loved the idea of being able to prepare their own meals while on vacation, allowing them to save money, eat what they wanted, be healthier and accommodate dietary restrictions. In fact, roughly 83 percent of travelers noted that the kitchen was the most important amenity in a TripAdvisor survey.

Sometimes it's hard to remember all the little things that become necessities in a kitchen until it is used day after day. Here's a cheat sheet of things you might want to stock in your vacation rental kitchen.

1. Key Appliances. The number of appliances may vary depending on how large your kitchen is, what type of customers you attract, and how many your rental can accommodate. Very small kitchens should supply at least a toaster oven and microwave. Standard-sized kitchens should have those items plus a refrigerator, freezer, stove and oven. Dishwashers are a nice addition for larger units, which may hold more people and therefore generate more dishes.

2. Extra Appliances. Be sure you have a coffee maker on hand. If you have space, small appliances such as blenders, pancake griddles, cappuccino machines, food processors, waffle irons, ice cream makers or popcorn makers can be fun additions as well as lead to a positive Airbnb review.

3. Cooking Pans. Be sure you stock enough pots, pans, casserole dishes and microwave safe containers for the number of people you typically host. 

4. Basic Tools. Don't forget things like can openers, kitchen scissors, tongs, serving spoons and slotted spoons. Measuring cups, measuring spoons, a colander, and spatulas are also important to have on hand. Graters, peelers, cutting boards, and cooking sheets can also come in handy.

5. Indoor Place Settings. Be sure to have enough place settings for the maximum number of people you allow in your vacation rental. Supply large dinner plates, bowls, flatware, coffee mugs, glasses, and sharp knives in your vacation rental kitchen.

6. Outdoor Place Settings. If your rental offers a deck, pool, patio or picnic table, be sure to provide another set of unbreakable dishes and glasses for outside use. Having such AirBNB amenities will encourage your guests to take advantage of all your property's features easily. You may want to provide extra outdoor place settings in case your guests want to host a party. Be sure to specify that glassware should stay away from a pool if you have one.

7. Party Supplies. If your vacation rental is large, you may want to provide AirBNB amenities such as additional dishes, large serving platters, wine glasses, large serving bowls and additional serving implements.

8. Supplies for Children. If you host many families with children, purchase items such as BPA-free plastic cups, sippies, plates and bowls. Children may be more prone to breaking glassware and nicer dishes. Offering items like high chairs, bibs, bottle warmers and baby food processors can lead to a positive AirBNB review as well.

9. Grill Implements. Do you have a grill or fire pit suitable for cooking? Be sure you supply larger tongs, thermometers, grill brushes, lighters, and matches so that cooking outside is simple.

10. Spices and Supplies. Although no one will expect you to provide food for your guests, you can stock your kitchen with a few necessities that most people will only use in small quantities. Consider having basic spices like salt, pepper, sugar, garlic, onion, basil, oregano, cinnamon, rosemary, parsley and paprika on hand. In addition, provide things like olive oil, a spray oil, butter, baking soda and baking powder.

11. Cleaning Supplies. You might want to consider supplying disinfectant wipes for easy clean-up in addition to dish soap and dish washer detergent. Be sure to have a broom and dust pan or a hand-vac for easy clean up as well.

12. Storage Solutions. Consider purchasing small storage containers so that guests can save leftovers for future days. You can either invest in nicer, sturdier storage containers or the less expensive ones that can still be reused but are not as costly to replace. Aluminum foil, plastic wrap and different sizes of plastic storage bags are helpful as well.

13. Kitchen Surprises. Think about leaving an edible welcome package in your kitchen. If you can tailor your gift to your guests, that tends to make the biggest first impression. If you are hosting a couple, consider leaving a bottle of wine and chocolates. If you have a family coming, you could leave a plate of cookies or popcorn. Items like a fresh fruit basket or a dozen locally produced eggs can be a welcomed gesture. 

However you choose to stock your kitchen, be sure to note what you offer and what may be missing in your rental property description. That way, guests will know they need to bring something from home if they really can't live without a particular kitchen implement. Clear communication about your kitchen will go a long way in setting correct expectations and preventing disappointment.

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