December 31, 1969

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July 17, 2019

8 Warning Signs that Indicate a Potentially Troublesome Airbnb Guest

Most Airbnb guests aren’t out to cause any harm. They're usually honest people who genuinely want a nice spot for a short break or a long-term vacation. But some potential guests are possibly out to cause problems for the host. These 8 warning signs could mean a guest or potential guest is up to no good.
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February 08, 2018

Create a Spectacular Welcome Book For Your Airbnb Guest

The vacation rental business blossomed out of people's desire to obtain all those things that hotels cannot provide, which often included more space, kitchen facilities, and a personal touch. Although rentals offer many advantages, an AirBNB guest can also get frustrated with a lack of a front desk to call, the absence of a concierge's stand, and appliances or entertainment systems that can...
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October 05, 2017

10 Tips On How To Screen Airbnb Guests

In today's uncertain world, the idea of inviting strangers into your home can be daunting. Many new and veteran Airbnb hosts worry about the types of people who might be booking through the site and whether the money earned is worth the risk. In many cases, guests are considerate, reasonable and try to treat your home as their own. In some cases, guests and hosts even enjoy the temporary...
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