December 31, 1969

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March 17, 2017

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist For Your Vacation Rental In Lake Tahoe

As the weather gets warmer, it is time to clean your Lake Tahoe, Calif., vacation rental property. Vacation rental properties are popular in this area, but many renters create a mess. In addition, the colder winter weather may have led to exterior or interior property damage that requires a repair. When you rent a home, apartment or condominium to someone visiting Lake Tahoe, the individuals...

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September 28, 2016

Home Maintenance: Tips On How to Keep Your House in Top Condition

When a person purchases a vacation home, they will often focus on the financial aspects of it such as the mortgage, property taxes and insurance. However, home ownership is labor intensive as you will need to devote a considerable amount in order to keep it in its best possible condition for you and your guests. By doing a number of routine maintenance tasks, you will be able to save yourself a...

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