November 14, 2017

Vacation Rental Upgrades Designed for Winter Guests

November 14, 2017

Vacation Rental Upgrades Designed for Winter Guests

As technology continues to make every aspect of our lives more efficient, and many businesses use flexibility and more time off to lure top talent, the typical vacation seasons are fading away. These days, every week is a potentially great week to vacation, especially for experience-hungry millennials. As the days get shorter and the weather cooler in most parts of the United States, this is a great time to make some winter-friendly upgrades to your vacation rental.


Invest in a Hot Tub

Whether it be a fancy outdoor hot tub right outside the back door or a high-end bathtub with jets inside the master bedroom, this feature is sure to please guests vacationing in the winter time. If your rental is near the mountains where days may be filled with skiing, sledding or other outdoor activities, there's nothing more relaxing than unwinding in a hot tub.

Be sure you post the proper care and safety instructions for your new addition. Include directions for how to operate jets, heater, lights and air as well as warnings about how high the water level should be. Communicate safety issues such as limiting the time spent in the hot tub and suggested use for children. You may also want to include a basic trouble-shooting checklist so that guests can solve simple problems.

Install Gas Fireplace

Sitting by a warm fireplace on a cold winter's evening is certain to be relaxing. If you do not already have a traditional fireplace in your rental, you may consider adding a gas fireplace. Although it may not be quite the same as a wood-burning fireplace, it will require less work and make less of a mess for vacationing guests.

The purchase and installation of a gas fireplace will require an investment as well as the cost of natural gas during its usage. However, it shouldn't be more difficult than installing another gas appliance and will add value to your rental.

Put in a Firepit

Similar in its appeal to the gas fireplace, an outdoor fire pit can allow your guests to sit outside without being overly cold. Add blankets or cozy outdoor furniture nearby and encourage star-gazing while being warmed by a fire.

Add Radiant Heating to Floors

Although adding radiant heating to floors can be on the expensive side, many options are available today that deserve consideration. According to HomeAdvisor, radiant floor heating costs between $1,800 and $5,700 on average. This may be a project to consider when it's time to install new flooring or you may be able to retrofit certain rooms of your rental.
Take into consideration the square footage of your rental, the flooring you currently have, and what type of radiant heating might work best. Ceramic, linoleum, stone, carpet and wood are all potentially compatible with radiant floor heat.

If you can't afford to install this luxury through your entire rental, you can consider it for rooms like the bedroom or the bathroom where the extra warmth may be especially appreciated in the winter months.

Use Epoxy to Cover Garage Floor

Epoxy can be a great addition to your garage floor, especially if your guests may be tracking snow and winter weather into the area. Epoxy provides slip resistance, making your vacation rental safer for older people and children in particular. As guests are carrying equipment between your house and their car, it's easy to slip on wet floors. By adding an epoxy floor, you make it much easier to clean up wet spots that can pose a danger.

Explore Smart Technology

When winter weather delays your guests' arrival into the wee hours of the night, smart locks are a great solution to allow them to check-in without waking you up. Smart locks are a convenient addition to vacation rentals overall. They allow cleaning companies and maintenance service staff to access your rental easily. You can quickly and simply change the passcode on the locks as many times as you need to from a remote location. It's like having the ability to change locks for every new guest and repair person.
Other smart technology like automatic lights and temperature controls can be a welcomed addition to winter vacationers who may be returning in the cold and the dark. Smart technology may allow guests to turn on lights upon entering your rental without having to fumble around for the light switch. 

Motion detection lights can add safety and security to the outside of your property as well as save you energy inside your rental. It's easy to forget to turn lights off; if they go off automatically when your guests leave for the day and turn on when they return, everyone wins.

Whatever winter vacation upgrades you choose to make, be sure to advertise them on your listing pages to attract all those folks looking for a great place to stay for a winter getaway.

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