December 28, 2017

Why You Should Hire an Airbnb Management Firm

December 28, 2017

Why You Should Hire an Airbnb Management Firm

The short-term vacation rental industry has exploded over the past decade with new renters flooding the market with rooms or homes to rent. Some have opted to embark on the activity as an interesting hobby; others quit jobs to try the endeavor full-time. A few property managers find they love handling every aspect and detail of their rental business. However, many others quickly learn they want to outsource some or all of their management responsibilities. If you are one of the latter group, consider partnering with a local vacation rental manager to lighten your load while maximizing your profits. What can professional management offer you? Take a look at these advantages to start.

Earn Money Without the Labor

Like many investments, real estate has the potential to generate income with minimal or no labor. Although conventional real estate investments can provide income if you have the capital to invest in an appreciating neighborhood or manage long-term rentals, the potential of income from short-term vacation rentals is often greater. If you own property in a large city, this difference can be significant. A professional vacation rental manager often charges only a fraction of your bookings to handle all the labor, leaving you with a significant income stream with none.

Make Your Home Work for You

Whether you're considering renting out your primary home while you travel for business or pleasure or if you're thinking about purchasing a vacation home for only occasional use, partnering with a professional manager means that any vacant home can work for you when you're not using it. You get first dibs on when you need either location; the management firm fills in the rest with short-term bookings. You earn a stream of passive income for simply owning the property.

Free Up Time

One thing that everyone seems to be lacking is time. If you are a property owner who does not enjoy hosting, communicating with customers, and managing the nitty gritty details of running a vacation rental, don't do it. By partnering with an Airbnb management company, you can experience the benefits of short-term vacation rental without sacrificing your precious time. Spend your time doing what you enjoy, and let professionals do the work.

Boost Your Credit Score

Anytime you're able to find ways to borrow money, earn income and repay it back, you can boost your credit score. If you're considering purchasing a new home, investing in more vacation rentals or pursing any other expensive endeavors, earning more money by renting out the space you currently own can help you get there. You can start a positive cycle by reaping profits from renting out your space, boosting your credit score, borrowing more money at reasonable rates, investing in additional vacation rentals, and increasing earnings again.

Reduce Interest Payments 

By using an Airbnb management company, you can generate income from any property you own but don't use all the time. The extra income can be easily put toward your mortgage for those properties, reducing your lifetime interest payments. You not only get the benefit of a new income stream from your property, but you also save money in the long-run by getting out of debt faster. 

Maintain Occupancy

Although smart technology can provide all sorts of security measures for homes today, including making them look occupied when they're not, there's nothing quite like having real people coming into and out of your home to keep intruders away. If you tend to leave your property vacant for longer periods of time, you may be risking various related problems. An empty house may not be maintained well and can attract criminal or critter activity. Professional managers will always be in and out of your home, checking to see that everything is functioning for the next round of guests. That means it will be ready for you to use when you need it as well.

Fund Extra Projects

If you have a dream of traveling for months at a time or taking a sabbatical from your current career but can't afford to give up your income, working with a professional management firm can help you get there. By converting your home or homes into income-generating streams, you can easily replace your salary for a period of time, particularly during peak vacation seasons. Extra passive income can be used to build a nest egg, pay for an addition, fund a college education, or allow one parent to stay home to raise children.

Tap Into Professional Expertise

If you're not interested in learning how to be a property manager, the skills and access to management tools will not be appealing to you. This will put you at a disadvantage when your rental is competing against professional managed ones. On the other hand, partnering with a professional manager allows you to tap into years of experience without having to accrue that experience yourself. Professional managers have access to reliable cleaning and maintenance agencies as well as price optimization services that can maximize your earnings every day of the year.

Access Professional Marketing Skills

Property management services often come with expert marketing staff. These marketing professionals are well-versed in the short-term vacation rental market and can use their tools of the trade to ensure that your listings rise to the top. They can help you write engaging information about your property, coordinate fabulous pictures that show your home in the best light, and manage customer interactions on a daily basis. 

Entering the short-term vacation rental market does not have to be a daunting one. If you have a primary home that is large enough to accommodate guests in an extra room or wing or if you travel for business or pleasure, you can easily get started without any further investment. Your return will be greater if you have a vacation home that is available several months out of the year. Partnering with a vacation rental company can help convert any unused space that's appropriate for short term rentals into a profitable stream of income for you.


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