January 12, 2017

Tips to Help You Properly Furnish Your Vacation Rental

January 12, 2017

Tips to Help You Properly Furnish Your Vacation Rental

Your own home is furnished with the utmost care and style. What you love is featured in every room. Whether you saved for years to afford upscale furniture you can love for a long time or you furnish your home with affordable pieces easily replaced anytime one of your children creates a work of art with a Sharpie, your furniture speaks to you. Furnishing a home is exciting when you do it for yourself. When it comes to furnishing your rental home, however, you’re creating a space that must be inviting, stylish, and comfortable to the masses. 

The realization your décor should represent a lovely home without becoming too personal is intimidating for many, but it’s not the end of the world. You can furnish your rental home without stressing out over the minute details, because we have several tips designed to make the process less stressful and more enjoyable. 

The Home Itself

Before you begin furnishing your rental home, think abou the house. People renting this house are renting it because it’s lovely, but also because it’s located somewhere specific. If you have a house located on a beautiful beach, decorating it like a mountain lodge is counterintuitive and confusing to guests. Beach houses should depict beach house décor, and mountain houses should depict the surroundings. 

Another consideration is the type of home you’re furnishing. If it’s a one-bedroom condo on the beach, you’re going to find a specific set of renters. They’ll be singles or couples looking for some upscale romance, and the house should be decorated to create that feeling. If it’s a large home with several bedrooms and bathrooms, you’re going to see more families than anything. Choosing décor that’s family-friendly and child-friendly becomes your main goal in a home like this. What type of rental home do you have? 

Image: Bedroom of our beach house in Newport Beach. Image: Bedroom of our beach house in Newport Beach.

Compare Your Rental Home to Others

Now that you know what kind of style you’ll use in your rental home, it’s time to decide what works in your area. Get online and look for other homes in your neighborhood being rented out and see what they have to offer. You can get more for your rental if you see the competition and outdo their furnishings and décor. At the very least, you want to have all they have. To make your home more appealing, you want to have more than the competition to offer renters. 

Price Points

There are two price points in question when you decorate your rental. The first is you budget. You cannot decorate and furnish your rental without sticking to a budget, especially if your budget is not limitless. It’s going to take careful consideration, and you’re going to want a list of furniture the home needs in order of what’s most important to you. The most important pieces get the biggest portion of your budget, and other pieces can be added to the home later. If your furniture budget is unlimited, you’ll just have more fun. 

The other price point regards the cost of renting your home. Is it an upscale rental with high-end amenities you’ll be asking a hefty price to rent, or a smaller, more comfortable rental you’ll be pricing affordably? The furniture and décor should match the price of the home. Renters spending big bucks on your house want to know the furniture is worth their price they are paying. A $10,000 per night rental with cheap furniture won’t bode well for renters. 

Image: Living room of our Bel Air, LA, vacation home. Image: Living room of our Bel Air, LA, vacation home.

Details Count

Furnishing a rental house requires more than just couches and some beds. You’ll need to consider the kitchen and baths, too. People want to know they have the ability to do their own laundry in a rental home, so please include a washing machine and dryer if you have a hookup. Renters want this, so it makes your home immediately more desirable to those looking to rent. 

The kitchen is another great concept. Renters who book homes rather than hotels probably want to spend some time in the kitchen, which means you need at least the basics. If you have an upscale kitchen, you’ll want upscale appliances. All kitchens should come with a coffee pot of some sort, toaster, microwave, pots and pans, and cooking utensils. Throw in a wine bottle opener, and you’re going to see people want to stay in your home more often. Here you will find a helpful checklist about how to stock your vacation rental kitchen.

Image: Kitchen of our Culver City, LA, vacation home. Image: Kitchen of our Culver City, LA, vacation home.

Highlight The Furnishings

Now that you’ve spent this money furnishing and decorating your rental home, it’s time to show it off. People want to see the inside of a home before they rent it. They want to see upgraded features, upscale décor, and furniture that’s lovely. A professional photographer has both the equipment and the talent to make your rental home look brand-new and appealing. Hire one to take professional photos of your home so you can add them to your online listing. It will attract far more renters than unprofessional photos taken in poor lighting and unflattering angles. 

Image: Professional photo of our Hollywood home. Image: Professional photo of our Hollywood home.

Consider Professional Property Management

Renting a vacation home is a time-consuming process for owners. You’re in charge of so many small details, and missing just one thing can make a renter never want to come back. Worse, it might make that renter leave a negative review of your rental turning other renters off. Our company has worked with landlords and property owners in California for years, leaving us with the knowledge and experience necessary to increase your profit and your rentals. 

Let our company help you rent your home. Our job is to make your job easier, and we do that by maintain your property, handling the little details, and leaving you assured your property is in the best hands. Give us a call to discuss how our services will benefit your life and your rental. Don’t wait to increase your profits and change your rental game.


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