August 28, 2019

The Top 11 Gadgets That Every Airbnb Host Should Know About

August 28, 2019

The Top 11 Gadgets That Every Airbnb Host Should Know About

Travelers often seek out an Airbnb listing over a hotel because they want the space to feel inviting and similar to their own homes which means that the place should be stocked with a few simple gadgets that your guests are likely already familiar with. If you have a wonderful property to rent out but are missing out on a few essentials to make it feel more welcoming, we have quite a few ideas that can make a huge difference in the quality of the experience for your guests. Some of these devices are created to help property owners as well. This means that not only will your guests enjoy their stay and be excited about the technology, but you’ll be able to sleep peacefully knowing that your property is safe and secure with these devices. As an Airbnb host, it’s your job to make sure that your guests have all the tools to enjoy themselves in your space. But what exactly should every Airbnb property be stocked with?

1. Smart device chargers
Chargers for every type of smartphone and tablet out there often go overlooked when Airbnb owners begin stocking the property. But nothing feels more like home than having designated areas to charge your much-needed devices. For a low cost, you can stock your property up with charging cables in common areas of the household, such as the nightstand, dining area, or near the lounge chairs. You can even opt for multi-port USB charging devices which eliminate the possibility that a charger won’t work with your guest’s device.

2. Doorbell surveillance systems
If you want to maintain greater control over the number of guests allowed in your property, you need to invest in a smart doorbell. Doorbell systems such as SkyBell or Ring come equipped with video surveillance which allows the property owner to keep track of how many guests are coming and going from the location. If you are worried about renters breaking your no-pet rules or bringing extra visitors that they didn’t pay for, this smart home device will keep your property under control while you are away.

3. Bluetooth speakers
Almost everyone has smart speakers in their homes these days. Allowing your guests to hook their devices up to the speakers lets them choose the music that they’ll listen to during their stay, leading to a better time overall and giving your property the home away from home feeling that guests desperately seek out. These devices can also be used to give your renters information they may need to know, such as the weather or the Wifi password. Although you may be wary about investing in these sometimes pricey devices for fear of them getting stolen, there are some more affordable options on the market. Google Home mini version and Echo Dot goes for an understandable $30.

4. Security cameras
Although security cameras aren’t the most inviting device you can place in your Airbnb property, the majority of guests will understand why they are set in place. Putting security cameras in the outdoor sections of your property can help ease your mind when guests come to stay, and most guests won’t feel like their privacy is violated by the location of these outdoor cameras. If you’re worried about theft occurring on your property, these cameras will help give you some confidence and will also catch anyone in the middle of stealing from your property. Important: make sure to give guests a heads up about the cameras in the Airbnb listing of your property, and avoid areas such as the bathroom or bedroom.

5. Sensors to detect noise
Ever had a guest come stay at your property for a quiet getaway that ended up being a massive party? In order to regulate the amount of sound happening at your Airbnb, noise sensors can be a great addition to the premises. Systems such as NoiseAware allow you to detect the exact noise level happening at your property at any given moment. These devices will also notify you if an unusually noisy situation is occurring. Having noise sensors at the property can help avoid sticky situations with the neighbors and even the police, keeping your reputation intact.

6. Safety detectors
No home is complete without the placement of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Not only are these devices required to keep your property safe, but the guests will feel much more at ease when these systems are installed. In fact, Airbnb strongly encourages that each host installs these devices, and to ensure that property owners will, they also state that they will provide one free system to all hosts with at least one active listing. However, if your property is exceptionally large, you may need more than one of these devices to allow for complete safety.

7. Bluetooth lightbulbs
If you have a nice property but are looking for an extra touch, look no further than implementing some Bluetooth smart lightbulbs. Guests can control the lighting and color choices through devices such as a Google Home or a remote controller. Not only will they make your guest happy, but as a property owner, you will also be able to tell when lights are left on after a guest has left, and many lightbulbs of this nature will also allow you to turn them off from your smartphone to save electricity. You can also set the lights on when no guests are around so that your property does not look vacant in between rentals.

8. Streaming devices
If you’re looking for some simple tech to make your property more inviting, a streaming smart home device is the way to go. Many guests will stay at Airbnb locations when they are traveling to see new parts of the world, and they’ll need a way to relax and entertain themselves after a long day of excitement. Apple TV’s have become one of the top streaming devices, and they’ll allow your guests to use their own Apple products to stream anything they want wirelessly to the televisions on the property. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, Roku and Amazon make other products which will allow for a similar experience.

9. Smart thermostat
Tired of having to monitor the temperature by visiting your property before and after each guest arrives? A smart thermostat can solve these problems and will make controlling the temperatures of your space much easier. Companies such as Nest and Ecobee allow you to adjust the temperature in your property wirelessly. These products are also easy to use and will be user-friendly when the guests arrive and want to adjust the conditions. If you don’t live near your property and need a way to control the temperature when no guests are booked, using these thermostats can be helpful and reduce the excess costs.

10. Motion sensors
If your property is also used as a storage space or even a home for yourself during some times of the year, motion sensors can be a helpful tool to help you restrict parts of the Airbnb property. Some smart motion detectors will send you notifications which will let you know when guests are beginning to enter these restricted areas. You may think that these sensors are against the policies of Airbnb, but as long as they are not equipped with video or photo cameras and audio monitors, they’re completely fair game. However, you should make it completely clear to future guests which areas of the property are off-limits before their stay.

11. Smart locks
Let’s face it- having physical keys for your property can be a little risky. Guests often lose or check out without returning the keys, and they may even feel a little outdated for a rental property. Brands like August and Schlage offer keyless alternatives that give guests access codes to your property. These access codes can be changed or altered at any time in case a problem arises. You can even give each guest their own code, making it easier to decipher who is entering and leaving the property at any given time. Investing in smart locks is a simple device that will make things easier for you as an Airbnb host, as well as your guests. 

If you have more suggestions of smart home devices that every Airbnb host should know about, let us know in the comments below!


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