January 11, 2017

6 Tips on How To Improve Your Vacation Rental

January 11, 2017

6 Tips on How To Improve Your Vacation Rental

Keeping the Kitchen Stocked is A Great Way to Improve Your Vacation Rental

Image: Fully stocked kitchen of one of our properties in LA. Image: Fully stocked kitchen of one of our properties in LA.

The place everyone gathers for a good time is always the kitchen. No matter how much entertaining space a home features, how many people are over, or what you’re doing, the kitchen is where people end up. It’s lovely to have so many people gathered around while you cook, eat, and drink merrily, and that’s why the kitchen in your rental home is so important. If you want to keep your renters happy, look to their stomachs. 

1. Update Your Appliances

White, black, or stainless steel appliances are all lovely, but they must be clean and new. If your rental features a 20-year-old white fridge with rust stains and other unidentifiable stains, renters won’t want to come home. The kitchen is where their food is stored, where they eat, and where they gather. It must be clean, and it must appear to be well-kept when they arrive. If your appliances are older and look dated, dirty, or old, it’s time to replace them with something new and more attractive. 

2. Stock the Cabinets

Some people won’t mind mis-matched cutlery and dinnerware, but others will if they’re paying a high price to spend time in your home. Your kitchen stands a better chance of standing out among other rentals in your area when it has matching dinnerware, cutlery, and glasses. They needn’t be expensive, but they should be nice. Solid colors such as white are always more elegant than patterned dishes that work for a specific season, and plain glasses are preferred by many. 

3. Keep Long-Lasting Items in Stock

Renters who choose a home in lieu of a hotel prefer to cook sometimes. Whether it’s a big breakfast for the family or a dozen cookies to give to the kids, keep specific items in stock in the kitchen. Sugar, salt, pepper, and items that don’t go bad on the shelf are always handy. Your guests want to use these things, but it’s just a pain to go to the store and shop for basics when they could already be in the kitchen. It’s also helpful to keep basics such as toilet paper, napkins, basic cleaning supplies such as dish soap and dishwashing liquid, and paper towels on hand. Renters don’t want to live in a mess, especially after they’ve cooked a meal. 

4. Stock The Drawers With Helpful Items

Saran wrap, tin foil, and Ziploc bags are always needed in the kitchen. Do yourself and your renters a favor and keep these things on hand. They want to cook when they rent your home, but they might not think to bring items to wrap up leftovers for the following day. By providing those items to renters, they feel you did them a favor. They’ll remember this gesture, and they’ll feel more favorable toward you and your rental home when you provide these items. 

5. Do A Little Extra

Everyone loves extras, and doing more than necessary is always welcome. During the course of your email correspondence and phone calls with future renters, make notes about their family, and look them over before you prepare your vacation home for their arrival. If a family has small children who love to play in the sand at your beach house, be sure to leave a little collection of inexpensive sand toys on the kitchen table for the kids before your arrival. 

If you know the family loves their coffee, be sure to leave them a basket with their favorite blend to enjoy in the mornings. If a couple is coming through to celebrate their honeymoon or anniversary, it’s always a nice touch to place some fresh flowers and a bottle of champagne or wine on the counter from you. These little details go a long way toward making your guests feel welcome in the kitchen. 

6. Leave Important Information on the Counter

Your guests might not know much about the area, and your job is to help them out. A basket of important information such as Wi-Fi passwords, alarm codes, local doctor office phone numbers, and your phone number are always helpful. You can also leave menus from local restaurants, coupons for local events or attractions, and a map of the area. 

Keeping the kitchen fully stocked with all your guests might need during their stay is a simple way to provide them with happy vacation memories. It’s as easy as being just a little personal, having items on hand they might not think of on their own, and it’s as easy as being a good listener. Learn what renters love, and consider hiring a property management company to help you improve your rental experience. Our team of experts is experienced in handling the tiniest details, and we are here to help you make the most of your rental home. 


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