March 17, 2017

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist For Your Vacation Rental In Lake Tahoe

March 17, 2017

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist For Your Vacation Rental In Lake Tahoe

As the weather gets warmer, it is time to clean your Lake Tahoe, Calif., vacation rental property. Vacation rental properties are popular in this area, but many renters create a mess. In addition, the colder winter weather may have led to exterior or interior property damage that requires a repair. When you rent a home, apartment or condominium to someone visiting Lake Tahoe, the individuals expect to have a sanitized and safe place to stay. Use this list to help you clean and repair your vacation rental property in Lake Tahoe. 

1. Contact Local Utility Companies

If you had the water or power turned off in a vacation home during the winter, then it is essential to contact the local utility companies before you arrive to complete your cleaning and repairing chores. Most utility companies have websites, making it easy to pay any fees required for turning on the water, electricity and natural gas. 

2. Buy Cleaning and Repair Supplies

Bring along cleaning and repair supplies for a vacation rental home to avoid making multiple trips to a store for bathroom and kitchen sanitizers. Make sure to have cleaning tools such as brooms and mops for the inside of the home. In addition, pack a box of basic tools for the exterior of a home, including a shovel and rake. 

3. Remove Trash From the Property

Remove trash from the interior and exterior of the property as soon as you arrive. Rake the leaves and decayed foliage from the lawns to make the property look better immediately. 

4. Open the Windows

If the weather is warm enough, open the windows to remove musty odors. Walk through the home to see what requires a repair. Outside the home, you might notice that there is loose siding or a dangling rain gutter. You should fix these things as quickly as possible to prevent water damage. 

5. Clean the Bathrooms and Kitchen

Wash the interior of the kitchen’s appliances or cabinets with a mild cleanser and water so that renters can begin storing food after arriving. Use a sanitizer in the bathrooms to make the plumbing fixtures spotless. Make sure to clean the countertops and floors in the bathrooms and kitchens. 

6. Vacuum and Shampoo the Carpets

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris from the carpets before shampooing the fibers. If your home smells like cigarette smoke or when it has pet odors, then you must use specialized cleansers to remove the pet stains and smoke odors. 

7. Check Lights and Safety Devices

Verify that the vacation home has working safety devices such as smoke detector, fire alarm and exit lights. Replace exterior lights so that visitors can see better when entering and leaving the property late at night. 

8. Deck and Balcony Repairs

You might need to fix the balcony or deck after winter weather has damaged the structures. These items often have loose railings or peeling paint that will require a repair. 

9. Prepare a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub

If a vacation rental home has a hot tub or swimming pool, then you must remove the covers before cleaning the items. In addition to filling these devices with water, you will need to add specialized chemicals to keep the water clean. 

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