August 24, 2017

23 Tips To Rank Higher On Airbnb Search Results  (Cont.)

August 24, 2017

23 Tips To Rank Higher On Airbnb Search Results  (Cont.)

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Offer and Update Amenities
Airbnb becomes more sophisticated every day as its site allows visitors to continue to narrow down their searches with more detailed selections and amenities. Obviously, you want to be honest in what you can deliver and offer customers, but be sure your listing provides a comprehensive summary. Even if you cannot offer something directly, can someone help you provide that extra service? Check the Airbnb site regularly for new filters and be sure to keep them updated.

13. Maximize The Number of Beds. Don't forget to offer furniture like sofas and futons as extra beds in your listing. Obviously, you should be honest about how many actual beds you have, but by including other options, you increase your potential occupancy rate. Your listing will now appear when larger parties are looking for a vacation rental. 

14. Offer Multiple Languages. If you know a second or third language, you've probably listed it on your Airbnb site already. But even if you don't, do you have a spouse, friend or family member who does speak another language? If they are generally available and willing to help, include their language in your listing as well. Many potential guests filter search results by the language they are most comfortable with; the more languages you can list, the more your listing will come up on search results.

15. Allow Self Check-In. By allowing your guests to check-in without interaction from a host, you offer a great deal of freedom and flexibility to potential guests. This option will boost your search rankings by allowing you to qualify as a business travel ready listing as well. Airbnb cites this as a heavily desired option for its customers so your listing will expand its market significantly by allowing this option.

16. Activate Instant Booking. Although many property owners dislike this option because they lose some control over who can book their property, Airbnb has instituted several safeguards to make this option safer for hosts. Now, hosts are allowed to specify what potential customers must agree to before allowing instant booking. For example, potential customers must agree to house rules before being allowed to book your home. 

17. Invite Long-Range Planners. Many property owners might want to hold their booking windows to a few months. If you are fairly sure you will stay in the vacation property business, it's smart to open your booking options to a full year. You gain access to all those long-range planners, broadening your market immediately. You also have more time to fill your vacancies and can charge an additional fee for advanced booking privileges. 

18. Stay Ahead of the Amenities List. When property owners create an Airbnb listing, they can select from a comprehensive amenities list, which is then offered to potential customers as a filter. Most hosts diligently check off their amenities and move on. What they don't realize is that Airbnb occasionally adds new amenities to this list with no notification to current hosts. That means if your property has one of these newly added amenities, but it is not checked off, no one will know. Be sure to check this list and update your own listings regularly.

Stay On Top Of The Details

When you have all the big things accomplished, move onto those all-important details. They may seem unimportant, but every details can push you a few notches higher in the search ranking, increasing your chances of more views.

19. Get Verified As A New Member. Airbnb's success is built on trustworthy hosts and customers. If you are new to the vacation rental business, be sure to go through the company's verification process. You can select your account within the profile menu. Enter your name, phone number and ID information and fill in all the information to complete the Airbnb verification process.

20. Make A Guidebook. The guidebook tool in Airbnb is an under-used tool that invites hosts to share their favorite hometown spots with guests. Simply add the typical tourist attractions along with your favorite restaurants, parks and neighborhoods. When potential customers are trolling for a particular tourist trap, they will pull up your listing near the top of their search results.

21. Limit Cancellations and Declines To Emergencies Only. It is understandable that certain situations may merit cancellations or the need to decline a booking. However, keeping these instances to an absolute minimum will help you stay higher in search results. Multiple cancellations or frequently declining reservations will bump you lower in future searches.

Rely on Relationships

Everyone knows that word of mouth is the best advertising around. Today, with social media a regular part of most people's lives, it's easier than ever to share recommendations and opinions. Tap into your network of friends, family and colleagues to see if they are willing to help you get the word out about your vacation rental.

22. Share Your Listing. Social media networks make sharing your Airbnb listing simple. The more you share, the more page views you will earn, and the higher your Airbnb search ranking becomes. Use the networks to your advantage to boost your listing. 

23. Request Wishlist Saves. The more potential guests who save your property to their wishlist, the higher your search ranking will be. Take the time to ask family, friends and social media network to save your listing to their wishlist to help you out.

The higher your search ranking, the more action you will see on your listing. In theory, the more traffic you have through your listing, the greater number of bookings you should receive and the higher the occupancy level you will attain. The end result of all of this, of course, is greater revenue and a more successful Airbnb business. It's worth finding and implementing any tips of the trade that will help you appear on more search results and boost your ranking.

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