February 13, 2018

How to Increase Your Vacation Rental Bookings for Valentine's Day

February 13, 2018

How to Increase Your Vacation Rental Bookings for Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again. February 14 is rapidly approaching, and many anticipate this holiday of love with excitement. Although couples of the past tended to focus their gift-buying on things like chocolates and flowers, many of today's young and old adults alike are looking for experiences. What better opportunity for you to market your vacation rental to them? Here are some ideas to do just that and get you started:
Create an Easy-to-Buy Package

Just like flower arrangements and candy boxes that are specially packaged to pick up and purchase, make it easy to book a Valentine getaway. Since the holiday falls mid-week this year, you can either put together a one-night special or a two-night mid-week package. Throw in a bunch of extra perks to make the package complete including a bottle of wine or champagne, special high quality candy, romantic decorations, and gift cards to local five-star restaurants or spas. Be sure your package price covers your extra costs and is comparable to the competition. And don't forget to arrange your special package in an attractive welcome basket and showcase it on your booking page.
Encourage a Week-Long Getaway

If February is a slow month for you, consider using Valentine's Day as a hook to entice potential renters to book a week's vacation. Getting some time away in the middle of winter can help boost their spirits and help them make it through the daily grind to spring. Consider your market, your typical demand levels in February, and price your rental accordingly to bring in some extra winter revenue.

Market Your Large Rental for Valentine's Day Party
If you have a larger home or one that is not geared toward couples, consider advertising the space for a group of friends or families to spend the holiday together. Offer your space for local folks who might want to host a Valentine's Day party without preparing their own homes for such an event, especially mid-week. Make it easy for a party-initiator to select your place by packaging your property with all the party supplies included. If you have local contacts for food and catering, you can pair your services with theirs and offer a complete, easy-to-buy package at a great price.

Highlight Extra Small Touches

Valentine's Day is about the details so the more you can provide without relying on the creativity and planning energy of your guests, the more popular your offer becomes. Consider breaking out the fine china, wine glasses and candlesticks for an elegant dining room. Add rose petals, romantic music and scented candles to the bedroom. Purchase some specialty bath salts, lotions and even touches like soft robes and slippers in the bathroom.
Combine Forces With Local Businesses

You're not the only one trying to capitalize on Valentine's Day. Talk with other local businesses to see how you might be able to work together to serve mutual customers. Restaurants, entertainment venues, and spas might be willing to provide coupons, complimentary tickets or discounts in exchange for the free advertising you provide through your rental.
Hire Professionals to Help You Market

Everyone is visual these days so it's important to show potential customers what a Valentine's Day getaway might look like. Consider hiring a professional stager who can turn your rental into the scene out of a romantic movie. These professionals know exactly what to add and how to arrange furniture and other details to make your rental look extra appealing. Rely on their expertise to stage some romantic scenes, whether it be a beautifully set table or a comfortable, soothing bedroom or bathroom. Enlist the help of a professional photographer to help you capture the right feeling. Setting up the right lighting in these types of photos is worth the investment.
Upgrade Amenities

Although this may be a longer-term consideration, you might want to think about adding a hot tub if your rental lends itself to romantic getaways in general. Valentine's Day is not the only romantic business opportunity; couples are always looking for special places to go to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or just time together. Hot tubs add value to any rental property and can pay back dividends quickly in terms of increased bookings.

Launch Couple Specials Year-Round

Use Valentine's Day as a great way to launch a series of couple getaways throughout the year. You could even consider offering a package where you offer a lower price for a commitment of three bookings throughout the calendar year, paid up front. Couples may be able to plan to spend Valentine's Day, their anniversary, Sweetest Day or any other holiday together at your rental.

Feature Couple Reviews

If you've been diligent about collecting reviews on your rental over the years, you should have a bank of testimonials specially designed for Valentine's Day. Sift through the best couple reviews and highlight them on your homepage. There's nothing like the testimony of those who have gone before potential guests to sell your rental property.

Let Guests Sleep In

The last thing you want is to rush your guests out the morning they leave, especially after a relaxing, romantic evening. Offer a late check-out as part of your package to ensure they can take their time gathering their things after sleeping in. If your price your package correctly, it shouldn't cost you much and can leave a positive last impression that can translate into a great review.

Although Valentine's Day is a great time to think about how to better market your vacation rental to lovebirds, it's really not the only time. If you have a romantic rental to offer, use Valentine's Day only as an example of how you can boost your bookings to this market throughout the year. Along the same lines, you can always find holidays, hooks and other creative ways to attract customers looking for a vacation, getaway or new experience. Think about what travelers are seeking and market your rental accordingly to increase your rental revenue stream.

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