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September 17, 2019

How To Deal With The 3 Most Common & Costly Airbnb Disturbance Issues

According to statistics by Statista, the 2019 vacation rental property industry has served 31.9 million users, making it a $14.4 billion dollar industry. Predictions show nothing but these numbers continuing to rise year over year. However, there’s a huge factor threatening the growth and very existence of this marketplace, and it has to do with the undesirable impact these properties have on...

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September 10, 2019

Prevention, Protection, And Action For Damages To Your Vacation Rental

From costly artwork and furnishings, detailed finishes, thoughtful amenities, and top of the line appliances, most Airbnb vacation rental hosts in California spend tremendous amounts of time, energy, and money creating some of the finest rentals for their vacationing guests to enjoy. Given such a large investment in the rental space, most hosts naturally question how they can protect themselves...

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September 05, 2019

Airbnb Cancellation Policy, How Does It Work?

Opening your home to guests traveling through your area is a great perk of being involved in Airbnb; however, things can get tricky quick when a guest has to cancel or make other arrangements after booking a stay at your room. To help you understand how you can best handle cancellation issues, we’ve put together a list of the three cancellation policies that are approved by Airbnb along with some...

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July 17, 2019

8 Warning Signs that Indicate a Potentially Troublesome Airbnb Guest

Most Airbnb guests aren’t out to cause any harm. They're usually honest people who genuinely want a nice spot for a short break or a long-term vacation. But some potential guests are possibly out to cause problems for the host. These 8 warning signs could mean a guest or potential guest is up to no good.
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July 09, 2019

8 Airbnb Nightmares and How To Avoid Them

You have no doubt heard of many Airbnb nightmares that have occurred all around the world. You’ve probably even read a few click-bait type articles that made your head spin. Many of them result in the host losing out on a lot of cash. Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid these nightmares and you can read them below.
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May 09, 2019

How To Market Your Lake Tahoe Airbnb For Summer Bookings

Re-brand Your Ski Vacation Home for the Summer

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March 07, 2019

Top 10 Airbnb Kitchen Essentials For Your Seattle Vacation Rental



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February 14, 2019

How to Market Your Airbnb to Families

Traveling with children can be both a joy and a pain. Experiencing places and adventures through the eyes of a child doing them for the first time can be refreshing. However, packing all the things an infant or child needs to keep them content during a vacation can be exhausting. 

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November 16, 2018

5 Tips on Preparing Your Vacation Rental for the Holidays

How Do I Get My Airbnb Listing Ready For The Holidays?

It's that time of year again when the weather turns cooler and the days grow shorter. As individuals, couples and families enter the holiday season and the travel that goes with it, you should be revisiting your vacation rental and what you can do to capitalize on holiday travel plans.  

1. Set Your Personal Priorities 

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September 04, 2018

Is Airbnb Security Deposit a Smart Business Move?

Airbnb Security Deposit: Should You Charge Or Not? 

Everyone is probably familiar with the concept of security deposits. If you rent an apartment or a car, you will most likely be asked to put down a security deposit to cover any possible damages. If you ruin the carpet or have a fender bender, the cost of those damages are deducted from your deposit. If no damage occurs, your deposit...
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