May 10, 2018

In a Competitive Vacation Rental Market, Decor Matters

May 10, 2018

In a Competitive Vacation Rental Market, Decor Matters

Gone are the days of being one in a handful of vacation rentals in a given geographic area. The short-term rental market has exploded, and the market is now a competitive one with a myriad of choices for the customer. What does this mean for the property owner? It means it's time to get a little more creative with Airbnb decoration choices to give you that extra edge with those prospective customers scanning available properties. Here are some ideas to get you inspired.
Target Your Audience

One advantage of a competitive vacation rental market for the property owner is that you have a wide range of potential customers. Before you re-decorate, think about your ideal customers and what you have to offer them as well as what your rental naturally provides.
If you are located in a popular city in the heart of downtown, you can probably get away with a clean and tidy rental at market prices. If you own a lakefront property with beautiful views, you also may not need to worry much about decor.

However, if you are one of many mid-range rental properties in a medium-sized city with average amenities, it may be beneficial to find a unique interior design to make your property shine above the rest.

Consider a clean, minimalistic decor if you're the perfect rental for the business traveler. Combine this decor with business amenities like a large desk, fast Wifi connection speeds, and home office equipment like a scanner or printer.
Is your place great for families? Decorate a common area in bright colors and kid-friendly furniture perfect for children on vacation, along with providing games and toys to enjoy.

Use deep, soothing colors and decor to reflect a romantic hideaway to compliment your jacuzzi bathtub and large master suite.

The bottom line is to select Airbnb decoration styles that compliment what your rental naturally offers.
Creative, Not Costly, Additions

Once you decide on a new decor idea, remember that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to bring great style to your space. Check out interior design stores, brochures, magazines and websites for ideas. Don't forget to look at social media for inspiration. In many cases, you can do a lot with a fresh coat of paint in the right color and a few new pieces of furniture or art. 

Many home decor shops, both brick-and-mortar and online, offer unique pieces of furniture, accessories or decorations that can add spark to your property without breaking your bank account. Scan what's available and pick those items that will add beauty to your home and become a potential photo opp for your guests.
Consider a Theme

Although this could prove to be somewhat limiting, you may be able to make a themed property work well for you. Think about piggybacking on your local culture, whether that be outdoor excursions, a particular sports team, a specific college or university, or a unique local tourist spot. Provide more in-depth paraphernalia and unique pieces of decor or furniture that will immerse a true fan. 
Stay Moderate and Neutral

When you're redecorating your rental space, it can be wise to stay neutral in terms of colors and decor. Avoid jarring colors or ultra-crazy design schemes that may turn off a large percentage of your potential customers.

Unless you're targeting a very specific political or religious segment of the population, you may want to keep politics and religion out of your decoration scheme. Try hard not to offend the majority of the market.

Instead, find interesting and unique pieces of art or furniture that cannot be viewed as offensive. Consider featuring a local or rising artist as a unique twist.

Important Basics
If you have to make one major investment, consider updating your flooring. Replace old, worn out or stained carpets, polish wood floors or upgrade tiles in your bathrooms and kitchen areas. Invest in some beautiful, soft rugs as a way perk up a room or two. Great flooring contributes an important aspect of comfort in a rental.

Be sure you don't leave out functional considerations, especially space for guests to store their belongings during their visit. Be sure closet space, coat racks or hooks, shoe storage, and cabinet spots are available for guests. 

Although you want to be careful with air fresheners due to the high percentage of the population that suffers from allergies or chemical sensitivities, you do want to make sure your rental smells clean and pleasant. Be sure you replace old furniture, pillows, carpets or mattresses that might smell badly.

If you are renting out your own home, you may want to store away personal items such as family photos as well as reduce your clutter as much as possible. Consider reserving one room of your home as the owner's storage space where you can stash some of these personal items during your absences.

You may also want to avoid very expensive decorations or antiques because they could get damaged or broken by guests moving in and out of your property during their short-term stays.

Selecting some unique and beautiful decor to liven up an average rental space can pay off in the long run. Many vacationers are looking for great photos opportunities on a daily basis so they can update their social media photos and posts. If your property can not only deliver on basic amenities and location but also become a talking point for your guests, you both win. Your guests have some new photos and news to share, and your property enjoys free social media advertising alongside positive reviews and excellent ratings.