February 22, 2019

Seattle Homeowners Find Opportunity in Short-Term Vacation Rentals

February 22, 2019

Seattle Homeowners Find Opportunity in Short-Term Vacation Rentals

The short-term vacation rental market is booming around the world and the great city of Seattle is no different. Whether tourists are heading to the northwest for vacation or business professionals are traveling to town for meetings and conventions, they all need a place to stay. This presents an amazing opportunity for Seattle homeowners to make some extra money throughout the year. 

According to HomeAway & VRBO, one of the many sites that matches homeowners with those seeking short-term rentals, Seattle residents earned an average of $2,900 per month by renting out their homes in 2017, with some of these homeowners earning as much as $4,000 per month. In many cases, this short-term rental income can cover all or a large chunk of the mortgage payment or generate money for the homeowners to save for college, retirement or vacations of their own. 

How a Seattle Short-Term Rental Works 

If you have an extra room, an underused section of your house or a vacation home that is often vacant, you can turn this space into income. Sites such as Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway provide the platform for you to market your extra space to people coming to the Seattle area. Many travelers prefer to rent out a room or an entire home instead of using conventional lodging options such as hotels. 

A Seattle vacation rental provides travelers with extra space and amenities like a full kitchen at a similar price as competitive lodging offerings. 

If you are a Seattle homeowner, you can simply create a listing on one of these services, outlining your location, price, availability and amenities. The sites all offer comprehensive lists so you can check what you offer and allow quickly and efficiently. Include a description and some photos of your property and then post your listing. 

When travelers are coming to Seattle, they can simply conduct a search of the type of rental they are seeking, and if your property is a match, they can book your room, wing or home. 

Take Advantage of Seattle's Popularity 

The Seattle area is a popular destination for vacations and a booming location for businesses. In addition, large citywide events such as the Bumbershoot Music Festival or the Northwest Folk Life Festival can draw hundreds of thousands of tourists to the area. Add to that a variety of holidays and pockets of suburban and neighborhood special events and you realize how many people come through the city each year. 

For Seattle homeowners, this can mean a steady stream of guests throughout the year, which translates to a regular source of extra income as a Seattle short-term rental provider. 

The bottom line is that there is a great opportunity for Seattle homeowners to become a successful vacation rental hosts due to the high demand in this popular northwest state. Recent research indicates that more than half of all current homeowners listed on HomeAway & VRBO can cover three-fourths of their mortgage payments from income generated by renting out their homes. It's easy to join their ranks with the help of a property management company and online listing sites.


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