August 30, 2018

Transform Guests Inquiries Into Airbnb Bookings

August 30, 2018

Transform Guests Inquiries Into Airbnb Bookings

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Although everyone seems to live glued to their computers and phones, it doesn't always result in improved communication. How many times have you sent an e-mail, question or comment into the digital world only to have it disappear into the black void? As a vacation rental owner, you want to make sure that any questions coming your way don't meet the same end. Those question-askers are potential paying customers and managing their inquiries correctly can mean new Airbnb bookings.

With more sophisticated rentals web sites available and the speed of technology ever increasing, it is easier than ever to browse, sort and automatically screen hundreds of rental properties in a matter of minutes. By the time a potential customer lands on your rental page long enough to be intrigued and then invests the time to send you an inquiry, the majority of the groundwork is already done. As a result, the moment you receive a question or inquiry is a critical one that often determines whether you'll book the customer or not. Here are some tips to help you close the sale: 

1. Answer Immediately 

Think about it. If you are focused on some task, whether it be buying an item, scheduling a service or making travel arrangements, you are probably much more likely to finish the task if you can get all your questions and arrangements made in one sitting. After all, your mind is already on the subject at hand. 

The same is true of question-askers. They may have been sitting at their computer for the past 30 minutes hammering out the details of their vacation. They have checked activities, narrowed their lodging choices, and bought tickets to events or shows. If they have a question or two for you, and you can respond immediately, they will most likely finish their booking right then and there. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, you are seven times more likely to close a sale if you can reply to inquiry within an hour. Make that your goal.


2. Stay Tuned In 

Keep your alert function turned on, especially during peak vacation season. If you can be notified by your applications that you have received an inquiry, it will save you time in always checking back in as well as speed up your response time. 

3. Answer Clearly, Succinctly and Directly 

Remember when potential customers are making inquiries into vacation rental properties, they are probably contacting several at one time. When you respond, be sure to start by introducing yourself and specifying which property you are associated with. Focus on some aspect of your property that is especially unique so that it will jog the memory of your potential customer as well as serve as a reminder of something especially appealing about your rental. This could be its waterfront location, backyard hot tub, or proximity to a downtown hot spot. 

Then, be sure to answer the questions clearly and succinctly. No one likes to wade through lots of background or sales information to try to find out whether public transportation is available nearby or if you can accommodate an extra child outside your maximum guest requirement. 

Remember that many people are probably reading your reply on a mobile device so be sure it's easy to scroll and scan your response. Double check your grammar, spelling and general tone before sending a reply. Be sure you are friendly, professional and helpful. 


4. Go the Extra Mile 

If you can find other small ways to be extra helpful to your potential customers, go for it. Everyone loves tips, and you will definitely be viewed in a positive light if you can go above and beyond just trying to secure AirBNB bookings. 

By doing simple things like connecting potential guests with local guides or finding things that may make their vacation extra special, you can leave a positive impression for now or in the future. For instance, if you learn that someone is traveling to celebrate an anniversary, you can recommend a romantic local restaurant. Families traveling with young children may appreciate links to a festival that is occurring during their visit. 

5. Provide Alternatives

If a guest is inquiring about dates that have already been booked, you may want to suggest other dates in case they are flexible. If not, you might suggest an off-season time when you offer discounts and invite them to consider staying at your property sometime in the future.


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