February 14, 2019

How to Market Your Airbnb to Families

February 14, 2019

How to Market Your Airbnb to Families

Traveling with children can be both a joy and a pain. Experiencing places and adventures through the eyes of a child doing them for the first time can be refreshing. However, packing all the things an infant or child needs to keep them content during a vacation can be exhausting. 

Finding comfortable lodging can also be challenging. Conventional hotels, even some suites, often do not provide the space that a family needs. As a result, a family friendly Airbnb that offers a child-designated bedroom for naps and early bedtimes, laundry facilities and a kitchen can be very attractive to this group of travelers.



An Appealing Market 

Although some property owners may worry about the damage that children could potentially cause to their rental homes, marketing to families can be a lucrative new market segment as well. 

In most cases, families take longer vacations simply because it takes too much time and work to prepare for a trip with children. In addition, the first night or two are often sleepless because children have more trouble adjusting to sleeping in new places. As a result, families often like to stay put in one location so everyone can get used to their surroundings and have a more enjoyable vacation overall. 

For property owners, that means families are unlikely to rent your property for a single night, which means less turnover and increased income per visit for you. In addition, the family market is one of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry, meaning higher demand for a family friendly Airbnb. 

Looking for the Basics 

Just because you don't have a lot of space, child-related furniture or toys doesn't put you out of the running for offering a kid friendly vacation rental. Families often do not spend a lot of vacation time at their rental; they are more likely to be out and about with their children at amusement parks, museums or other tourist spots. 

In many cases, parents are looking for very basic things when they return to a rental. First, they need a room with a door where children can sleep for naps, go down for an early bedtime, or sleep in late undisturbed after an adventurous day. Second, parents want a kitchen to prepare meals, snacks and other trip food to stay healthier, save money, accommodate picky children or manage odd eating schedules. Having a bathtub and a laundry area available as well as a nearby park are definitely advantages for a family. 

Useful Investments 

If you are convinced that the family market is one you should target, you'll want to invest in some small things to make your kid friendly vacation rental more comfortable and safer for your future guests. 

* Mattress Covers. When you have children staying in your Airbnb for families, someone will eventually wet the bed. Having mattress covers available is an easy way to protect the investment you've made in your beds as well as give parents a peace of mind. 


* Safety Items. If you have stairs, you may want to provide a barrier for parents to use at the top or the bottom if they see fit. In addition, you may want to provide child-locks on any cabinets that might contain cleaning supplies or other dangerous items. Using safety plugs on outlets may be another welcomed investment. 


* Valuables, Breakables, Fall-ables. It's simply safer to put away anything valuable or breakable that is within reach of a child. In addition, consider eliminating anything that could fall accidentally on top of a child. 

* Small People Gear. If you can save parents to hassle of packing things like a portable crib, stroller or high chair, you will score big points with your guests. These items can be heavy and awkward to pack but are often essential for a vacation with children. You can often get these items in good condition at second-hand stores, which will save you money while being an absolute godsend for parents. 



* Other Perks. Consider investing in some small toys, an infant bouncy seat, a set of baby monitors, coloring books and crayons, games, books, or small tricycles or outdoor toys. These items do not cost much but can keep children busy while parents are unpacking, packing or preparing a meal. 


Transparent Information 

Be sure to advertise your property as an Airbnb for families if you want to target this market. Harried parents looking for vacation lodging will be scrolling quickly through properties and will not dig into the details of a rental not immediately advertised as family friendly. 

In addition, you'll want to make sure you lay out any details about the property or the neighborhood that might be concerning to parents such as a busy street, an open balcony, nearby dogs, or an onsite swimming pool. 

You can also provide complimentary family-related information about the area such as the best family restaurants, nearby amusements or parks, and even locations of drug stores, urgent cares or grocery shops. 



Repurposing your Airbnb to fit the family market is not difficult. In most cases, families are looking for more space and a kitchen at the very least. With a few thoughtful additions, you can successfully capture this growing segment of the vacation market to increase your overall bookings this travel season.


We can help you transform your listing into a family-friendly Airbnb. Our team of Airbnb experts can provide advice on preparing your vacation home for little guests and making sure their stay is safe and happy.


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